Month: July 2018

  • Episode 8: Here we go Again

    Camping chaos, home made dance videos, Mama Mia, ER report, actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf, rediscovering music, 36 Questions, and Hardcore History.

  • Episode 7: Giving Me Real OC Vibes

    The ladies talk Charity’s Casablanca first watch, Unsolved Mysteries, Cloak & Dagger, hot old timey actors, little Tiny Shoulders, Ghost Brothers, and more information on that podcast nobody knows about.

  • Episode 6: Camping, Drinking, and Saying Things

    Charity, Rebecca, and Kristal talk camping chaos, Silence of the Lambs first watches, Rampage, Game Night, and the ER Report! Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your favorite podcasts, […]

  • Episode 5: I Don’t Know What I’m Referencing

    Rebecca is joined by Josie in the studio while Charity phones it in from road trip purgatory. Zodiac, Glow Season 2, 30 Rock, Freaks and Geeks, how to master the […]