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  • Episode 50: Rated R for Two Bones

    On the final episode of The Box, Kristal, Rebecca, and Charity invite you to join them over at Hello Sweetie Podcast starting August of 2019. They also talk Crawl, Holey […]

  • Episode 49: Mama Think Funny?

    As we wind down toward the end of The Box, Charity, Rebecca, and Kristal recount some of the major announcements of San Diego Comic-Con 2019. They also invite you to […]

  • Episode 48: Beauty and The Worst

    This week join Kristal, Charity, and Rebecca once again as they discuss Midsommar, Derry Girls, Schitts Creek, Beauty and the Beast, and more!   Subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, […]

  • Episode 47: Thwip Boy

    Its Charity, Kristal, and Rebecca on your favorite friendly neighborhood podcast talking more New York adventures, the Mermaid Parade, The Chef Show, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Spiderman: Far From Home, […]

  • Episode 46: Wedding Larp

    Guess who’s back? Its Rebecca, Kristal, and Charity, talking New York adventures, Mean Girls, RENT, Late Night, Archer 1999, GLOW and Dune and more!Subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, […]

  • Episode 45: We Are Going Home

    Charity, Kristal, and Rebecca get together once more to bring you the best and worst of what they consumed this week, including Book Smart, Chernobyl, Detective Pikachu, The Perfect Bid, […]

  • Episode 44: I Get Off From Deals

     Rebecca, Charity, and Kristal are back at it again. Join them as they talk about the new Good Omens and some Terry Pratchett classics, Godzilla King of Monsters, Always Be […]

  • Episode 42: Westermore

    Join Kristal, Rebecca, and Charity (formerly of Hello Sweetie Podcast) as they discuss this week’s news and the best of what media they consumed this week. On this episode, we talk […]

  • Episode 40: The Ding Ding

    Charity! Kristal! Rebecca! Join us this week as we discuss Lizzo’s bangin’ new album, La Llorona, the Bob’s Burgers movie, Master Chef Jr, Avengers Endgame, and the origins of Six […]

  • Episode 29: Friends is her Mom

    Join our usual cast of characters for this week’s discussion, including Drag Race All-Stars, Rampage, Aquaman, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Dumplin’, Swindled, I Am A Killer, Bob’s Burgers, and more! […]

  • Episode 25: Blobberella

    Charity, Kristal, and Rebecca reconvene to discuss Overlord, The Crimes of the Harry Potter Franchise, Bohemian Rhapsody, Cyanide and Happiness, King of the Hill, Bob’s Burgers, and more! Subscribe to this […]

  • Episode 24: Napcation

    Kristal, Charity, and Rebecca get together once again and talk COLD, Limetown, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, The Dream Podcast, Bob’s Burgers, Wonder, and Jackie Kashian. Subscribe to this podcast […]

  • Episode 23: Sounds Complicated

    Join us once more as we talk Super Drags, Bob’s Burgers, Riverdale, 8th Grade, John Leguizamo, Orson Welles’ last film, and your Alfred Hitchcock Presents recommendation of the week. Subscribe […]

  • Episode 22: Intwerpretation

    Kristal, Rebecca, and Charity welcome you to this danceified episode of The Box. Interpretive dance, Suspiria, Evolution of Hip Hop, Fake the Nation, Always Sunny, and yes we talk about […]

  • Episode 21: Sissy Woman Lady

    The ladies get together once more to talk Sabrina, Dr. Death, Doctor Who, WWE, and a whole lot of opinions about The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. Subscribe to this […]

  • Episode 20: We Don’t Want To Offend The Ghosts

    Hot off of Halloween, Kristal, Rebecca, and Charity reconvene to talk Bob’s Burgers, South Park, Monster Squad, Fright Night, the Halloween sequel, Devil’s Candy, and more! Subscribe to this podcast […]

  • Episode 19: The Most Intense Week Ever

    As Spooptober prepares to reach its peak, the ladies discuss some creepy fare including As Above So Below, The VVitch, The Grudge, and Over the Garden Wall. We also talk […]

  • Episode 18: ONE Chef’s Kiss

    Spooptober continues as Charity, Rebecca and Kristal talk Doctor Who, Halloween, The Haunting of Hill House, Wynonna Earp, Alfred Hitchcock, and more! Subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, […]

  • Episode 17: The Lawn Is Looking Nice

    Join Rebecca, Kristal, and Charity as they delve into some more of your favorite media. Big Mouth, Follow This, Mandy, Voltron, Worst Cooks, Forget Paris, and another spine-tingling recap of […]

  • Episode 16: Celebrity Trademarks

    Charity, Kristal, and Rebecca reunite in the studio for this week’s shenanigans. We talk Bojack, The Good Place, Manifest, Doctor Who, Hell’s Kitchen, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and, for some reason, […]

  • Episode 15: That Trailer is Marvel-ous

    Charity and Rebecca call in to chat about the Captain Marvel trailer, and the first ever Fest of Al. Charity also fails to accurately or convincingly review Pump Up the […]

  • Episode 14: An Indecent Proposal

    Tune back in with Kristal, Rebecca, and Charity and finally get the name of that Lovecraft story! Plus Toast of London, Absolutely Fabulous, Paper Girls, Sharp Objects, Hell’s Kitchen, ER, […]

  • Episode 13: Lie Back and Think of England

    Charity, Rebecca, and Kristal reconvene to discuss Broad City, Disenchantment, Dark Tourist, Crazy Rich Asians, and the ER report. Rebecca sells Charity on the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we recommend podcasts. […]

  • Episode 12: State Mottos on Lovecraft’s Birthday

    Rebecca, Kristal, and Charity reconvene to say bye bye, Hooters, and hear tales of Montana, Idaho and free taters! Plus, Lovecraft, Jack Webb, the Meg, and podcasts. Find us on […]

  • Episode 11: What’s With the Ficus?

    Kristal and Charity invite James from Geek Parenting Podcast into the studio and Charity gives her breakdown of Blade, aka Corporate Vampire Sword Fight. We also discuss War of the […]

  • Episode 10: Punitive Damages

    Kristal and Charity are joined by James from Geek Parenting Podcast. We talk old time radio, Teen Titans Go to the Movies, judge shows, and of course, more ER. Find […]

  • Episode 9: The Love Episode

    Kristal and Charity are all alone this week, talking GLOW, Mr. Rogers’ book, fake yo-yo experts, Hannah Gatsby (Nanette is the name of the special… Charity messed that up.) and […]

  • Episode 8: Here we go Again

    Camping chaos, home made dance videos, Mama Mia, ER report, actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf, rediscovering music, 36 Questions, and Hardcore History.

  • Episode 7: Giving Me Real OC Vibes

    The ladies talk Charity’s Casablanca first watch, Unsolved Mysteries, Cloak & Dagger, hot old timey actors, little Tiny Shoulders, Ghost Brothers, and more information on that podcast nobody knows about.

  • Episode 6: Camping, Drinking, and Saying Things

    Charity, Rebecca, and Kristal talk camping chaos, Silence of the Lambs first watches, Rampage, Game Night, and the ER Report! Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you get your favorite podcasts, […]

  • Episode 5: I Don’t Know What I’m Referencing

    Rebecca is joined by Josie in the studio while Charity phones it in from road trip purgatory. Zodiac, Glow Season 2, 30 Rock, Freaks and Geeks, how to master the […]

  • Episode 3: Store of Misfit Things

    Adventure’s last stop. Rebecca hates love. You got your garbage on my lunch!